Some great jackets to see you through the Winter

To follow up on my style guides for the Autumn and Winter, I thought I’d give you a few ideas for warm jackets to keep you snug and stylish through the freezing temperatures we must endure this time of year. I’ve picked out 6 jackets of various styles and types, from the simple and elegant tweed jacket through to the hardcore expedition-type down jacket.

Important to note: All of these selections are stone-cold classics, none of them are this seasons hot property (and next seasons old hat) and are all are properly decent jackets for the money. OK, so most of them are also on the spendy side price-wise, but we’re talking value of money in the longer term. Trust me.

Where I found links to a retailer, I’ve included them, just click on the title, the photo or where it says [LINK]. With me making all the hard choices for you, shopping has indeed never been easier…

Nigel Cabourn Mallory jacket in indigo Harris Tweed


Most readers will be familiar with the Mallory jacket from British designer Nigel Cabourn. Not only a terrific tweed jacket with a great fit and design, but a top notch back story to go with it. I’ve reviewed one of mine previously, and also written a longer piece on the jackets background. In summary though, this is a well-made and attractive jacket, the Harris Tweed being both fairly warm and very comfortable. Do up all the lovely horn buttons, and the throat latch as well, and you’re going to do just fine. With a medium-weight sweater underneath I’ve been quite happy down to around -15C in mine, as long as the wind isn’t too harsh. The jacket shown is in the Indigo colourway, a new one for this year. There are a few other variants, including two of the patchwork style Crazy variants this year. [LINK]


Carhartt Sheffield Deck Jacket


Carhartt are usually all about the workwear look and this a a winter version of one of their classics. While I might normally have gone for the camel colour I normally see them in, I really like the difference look of this in black. We’re talking a non-fussy, rugged and hard wearing design here. The outer is a strong cotton twill and it is fully lined in fleece to make sure you’re wind proof and insulated.  Zip up the front, pop that lovely furry collar up around your neck and ears and you’re well sorted. Not all that expensive either. [LINK]


Gloverall Mid Length Monty Duffle Coat


A winter jacket selection without a classic duffle coat? Impossible! And how much more classic can you get a duffle than by the original maker? Gloverall have been at the duffle game since WW2 and no one does it better. Gloverall being their post-war company name, after the slightly less commercial Gloves & Overalls Ltd. This one is an update of the most classic of all their designs, the Monty. Originally a wartime design, and still regarded by many as the finest example of the style. Made in London, England from 100% wool with lovely detailing and the signature Gloverall rope and toggle fastenings. Also an adjustable hood and throat flap. Great stuff indeed. Also available in different colours, including the classic camel colour . I think the grey one looks pretty fine, mam. [LINK]


Monitaly Hooded Parka


Now, there are good coats and there are great coats and there are coats that are beyond great. For me, the Monitaly Mountain Parka is one of those that redefine your expectations of what you can expect from a coat. The Hooded Parka is the hot younger sister of the Mountain Parka, and shows all the desirable family traits. Designed by highly regarded Japanese designer Yuki Matsuda’s, known for his exceptional eye for detail, and made in the USA to exacting standards. The hooded parka is truly ruggedly constructed, with a thick wool outer and a selection of thick wale corduroy trimming. The design is a fascinating mix of heritage inspiration and technical design features, not letting either aspect getting in the way of the final result. Two large pockets on the front and a drawstring hood. Rugged YKK zip on the front with added stud closing and the signature Monitaly leather details on the zipper and drawstring. The light grey really brings out the best of this jacket as well. Highly desirable piece! [LINK]


Woolrich Arctic Parka


Woolrich is one of those companies that have been around since the outdoors were first invented. As far as I can tell this was around 1830. Before then humans were mostly inside. A digression, sorry. What I intended to say was that Woolrich has been around for a long time, and this Arctic Parka is one of their iconic pieces. Originally designed for oil workers working in the frozen wastelands of Alaska it was constructed to be used down to absolutely terrifyingly low temperatures. Filled with duck down (no dodgy goose feathers here, no sir) with wind and water resistant nylon outer and a genuine Coyote fur trimmed hood. Everything about this jacket signals that you are deadly serious about staying warm. Right? [LINK]

This was a suggestion from my savvy sidekick Scratch, and when asked the reason for his suggestion he offered up the following:

“The reason I wanted a Woolrich arctic? The real reason? It is two fold – one is that it is one of the old school New York hip hop moguls choice and the other is the 1980’s John Carpenter movie The Thing. I saw this as a kid and it left a large impression on me. I still love this movie and every single member of the cast wear a Woolrich Artic Parka. They are badass.”


Fjällräven Expedition Down Jacket
expeditionFjällräven, Swedish outerwear specialists and suppliers of boxy little canvass backpacks to hipsters globally. It’s easy to forget that before finding favour with those that like the straps on their backpacks to be really uncomfortable, Fjällräven (Swedish for mountain fox) were really pretty serious about outdoor gear. This jacket isn’t called the Expedition for nothing, it truly is a jacket you could wear when heading out to some pole or the other. And you’d not not be let down either. With double layers of down, here none of the seams go all the way through, it’s almost too well made. If you’re going to be sitting around on the ice fishing all day, this is what you’d want to wear. Zip and buttons up the front, a properly functional hood and just enough pockets. This isn’t your typical show-off down jacket, but those in the know will recognise it. I’ve worn mine in -25C with just a thin shirt underneath and been truly warm and happy.
So, that’s it for this time. See anything you like? Maybe you have a suggestion? Feel free to comment.


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