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As a follow-up to my previous post about backpacks for the stylish man, I’ve found a few more that are worthy of a mention. Some maybe a little predictable, others a bit more oddball. A common point is that any of them would add style where other backpacks (read: traditional black nylon commuting backpack) only detract. Also, a further selection is posted can be found here.


A fine example of how a really terrible backpack can bring down an outfit (London July 2013)

So, here goes…

First out we have colourful variants from Hungarian YKRA. Made to order in Budapest, the basic style is available in an excellent array of colours. This actually makes it that much more difficult to find a favourite  combination!

ykra selection

For me the “Olvie waxed canvas matras mini” looks like a really fine one, and fairly prices as well. Nice little design twists, and the straps look like they would work. Waxed canvas should keep the rain out. Nice one!

ykra matra mini

The next one out is by ESSL. Very much the vintage style, perhaps more than a little inspired by a classic army backpacks. Beige canvass, decent size, handy outside pockets, and really surprisingly reasonably. My selection is the “Austrian” model and looks like this:

essl austrianThe next selection is from the Japanese brand Bagn’noun. Not one I’d heard of previously, but I notice now the brand carried by a few shops I occasionally browse, so not a total unknown. This one is very simplistic, with a single leather closing strap. A little sparse on details on their website, but I like the look of this one.

bagn noun napsac

Finally a couple of backpacks by American brand Filson. Of course, Filson isn’t exactly a radical choice in any way, a favourite of many well dressed people and available in many good shops. Consulting with WellDressedGirlfriend we both chose different favourites to each other. There’s no accounting for taste, and I don’t lay claim to having the final word in style (she does though). My selection first, the imaginatively named “Rucksack”, large opening, water repellent, sturdy brass zip and extra pockets on the outside. This would definitely work for me. Looks good as well. The second is the “Tin Cloth rucksack”, a new model from Filson. The same good features as the “Rucksack”, but includes more new twists that make it more than just a retro-style backpack. I don’t use an iPad, but I’m sure the padded iPad cover will come in handy for those that do.

filson rucksack

filson tin cloth

Of this selection, I’d probably be most willing to spend the money for the Filson Rucksack, even though all of the selections are worthy and good. And some of the others are half the price of the Filson, or even less.

The more my eyes are opening to the multitude of backpacks out there, I’m growing increasingly frustrated by the number of people I see wearing the standard issue black nylon packs. It seems people are willing to spend money on shoes and jackets, but something they put on their back and carry around most of the year is given so little thought and consideration?

Also: Even more backpacks for the stylish man here! And the newest selection is here!

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