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Some great jackets to see you through the Winter

To follow up on my style guides for the Autumn and Winter, I thought I’d give you a few ideas for warm jackets to keep you snug and stylish through the freezing temperatures we must endure this time of year. I’ve picked out 6 jackets of various styles and types, from the simple and elegant tweed jacket through to the…

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Even more backpacks for the stylish man!

It appears I have become something of the go-to site when it comes to backpacks for the stylish man. This is of course a huge honour for me! My campaign against the utterly horrible and style-less black nylon backpack has not gone unnoticed, and there may yet be some hope for this very overlooked aspect of our daily attire. Let…

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Style: A backpack suitable for a stylish man?

New for AW14: Even more stylish new backpacks! Click here for the latest post! Consider this posting a pre-post of a feature I’m currently working on. It’s really a request for help in both finding ideas for backpacks and asking your opinion on what might be considered a good blend of style and utility. I think we can all agree…

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