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Outerwear: The Monitaly Mountain Parka

As far as business models go, building an appliance that lasts forever is considered a poor idea. From the producers side, that is. From a consumer side it’s a bloody marvellous idea, as it saves us replacing the piece of shit washing machine every few years or so,. Less money, less hassle, and have does anyone even slightly enjoy trying…

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The story of a simple field jacket

Those of you that follow my Instagram have been seeing unsubtle little teasers for this one for a  while now. It’s been in the works, the really slow works, for months. Now though it has sprung forth, not unlike one of those butterflies you see on the high-definition nature channels. Yes, the big colourful butterflies that remind you of jackets.…

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Some great jackets to see you through the Winter

To follow up on my style guides for the Autumn and Winter, I thought I’d give you a few ideas for warm jackets to keep you snug and stylish through the freezing temperatures we must endure this time of year. I’ve picked out 6 jackets of various styles and types, from the simple and elegant tweed jacket through to the…

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