Clothes: A funny look at vintage reproductions

Now, we’ve all seen (and probably fallen victim to) any number of garments purporting to be recreations/reproductions/remakes of certain classic/vintage/army/workwear whatevers and so forth.

I was reading one of the “M” books by Norwegian cartoonist Mads Eriksen the other day and came across this absolute pearl of a strip. I realise Norwegian isn’t a language everyone understands intuituvely, so I’ve added rough translations beneath the strip.


Ok, so my first effort at trying to let this strip traverse the language barrier and be almost as funny in English as it is in Norwegian didn’t work out too well. In an effort to be an all-pleasing blog-monkey providing unbeatable value for money, I’ve now doubled my efforts and not only translated the above strip, but also digitally tampered with the original to bring you this:


And if that doesn’t have you rolling in the isles, learn Norwegian. While it won’t make you happier or enlarge your member, it will allow you to read cartoon strips without having to rely on my poor efforts. OK?

(Mads Eriksen is a terrific cartoonist and I heartily recommend his work, though I don’t believe it has been translated yet).


  • Scratch 07/06/2013 at 09:47

    Hmmm. I can perhaps see why it hasn’t made the cut to be translated tbh sir.

    • Well Dressed Dad 07/06/2013 at 09:56

      I’ll take the full blame for it… He is really very talented and funny. I’ll see if I can’t translate the strip and present it in a manner that will garner more appreciation!


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