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Worn by Norwegians since 1853, made by Lithuanians in 2013

It’s no secret that I find brand identity quite interesting, and also the matter where things are produced, such as in the matter of “made in Britain“. Following up on this, here are my musings following my purchase of a woolly jumper. I recently found that I needed a good wool jumper, something thick and warm for the upcoming colder…

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Clothes: A funny look at vintage reproductions

Now, we’ve all seen (and probably fallen victim to) any number of garments purporting to be recreations/reproductions/remakes of certain classic/vintage/army/workwear whatevers and so forth. I was reading one of the “M” books by Norwegian cartoonist Mads Eriksen the other day and came across this absolute pearl of a strip. I realise Norwegian isn’t a language everyone understands intuituvely, so I’ve…

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