Garmology podcast: From Commuting Burnout to Tweed Dreams: A rocky ride with Jonathan Kelly of Sussex Tweed (#

Buckle up for a journey through the untamed landscapes of Sussex as we sit down with Jonathan Kelly, the cheeky chap behind Sussex Tweed. Best brew a large pot as this episode is a long one. Join us as we delve into Jonathan’s transformation from a burnt-out commuter to a connoisseur of exquisite tweed caps. Discover the allure of weaving yarn and the irresistible pull of dreams intertwined with the rhythmic clatter of looms.

Hold onto your seat for a thrilling road trip from the vibrant streets of Brighton to the rugged shores of Stornoway, all aboard a trusty Land Rover navigating treacherous conditions. Experience the exhilaration of restoring dusty old Hattersley looms to their former glory with the aromatic touch of paraffin.

But wait, there’s more! Dive into Jonathan’s enchanting tales of growing up in Ireland, where chance encounters led him to share a stage with none other than U2. And yes, expect a sprinkle of colourful language along the way – consider it an education for the uninitiated.

So grab your favourite mug, and settle in, while we tell stories that weave together the threads of adventure, passion, and the timeless artistry of craftsmanship.

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Nick Johannessen is also the editor of the WellDressedDad blog and WellDressedDad on Instagram. You can email Nick as Garmology (at)

Garmology theme music by Fabian Stordalen.


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