The top-15 all-time most read articles (and least read)

It’s getting on for 7 years, but in that time I’ve published close to 600 articles here on the blog. Some get a lot of reads, others not so many. As a service to my regular followers that may be stuck for something to while away the Summer days, I’ve assembled two lists of suggested reading material. One covers the top-15 all-time most popular articles, and the other those that failed to make any sort of impact.

The all-time top-15 list

  1. A comprehensive guide to Goodyear welted shoe soles
  2. The critical state of waistcoat buckles
  3. Iconic footwear: Clarks Wallabees, everything to everyone
  4. Consumer Advocate: How long should a pair of Dr Martens last?
  5. For sale
  6. Backpacks for the stylish man – Summary
  7. Ventile, the ugly facts they don’t tell you
  8. Consumer Advocate: The Dr Martens #solegate sage part 2
  9. Review: Red Wing Ice Cutters, boots for dad
  10. Iconic Footwear: The Red Wing 877 Irish Setters
  11. How to improve upon brogue perfection through resoling!
  12. There’s something about vintage Pendleton shirts…
  13. Favourite items: A boy and his Red Wing Supersoles
  14. Iconic footwear: Paraboot Michael, classic French
  15. Why shoe sizes are a mess

And those that have yet to reach their full potential (from the bottom)

  1. Rolling Dub Trio: Boots on sincerity
  2. A smarter way to lace your shoes
  3. The week before Xmas in photos
  4. My first theme week on Instagram!
  5. Morgan Motor Cars, worth a visit
  6. A suitable boat for a stylish man
  7. Unleash your inner freak with some sock innovation – part 1
  8. The dotsuit part 2: The verdict
  9. Taktonik, a messenger back with lots of different
  10. The weeks that were – a bumper catch up

The lists are quite interesting, well, to me at least, as there has been a not inconsiderable amount of effort expended writing it all, but also in what catches the interest of readers. I will say that the bottom 10 includes some quite new articles that no doubt will gain traction over time, so isn’t an entirely fair summary.

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