The week before Xmas in photos

I skipped my little journal last Friday due to the need to focus on other matters. I was gratified to be reminded by a number of people about this omission though, so this week it’s back in an extended and edited format. Of course, if you already follow my Instagram feed, it’ll be old news, but here you get all the photos in a larger format. And here we’re taught to believe size doesn’t count, eh?

The past two weeks have seen a fair amount of mention of “indigo”, the natural blue dye resulting from the fermented leaves of the Indigofera plant. The reason for this has been another of my collaborations, this time with the ladies of a small village in a rural area of Thailand. The ladies grow their own cotton, harvest it, spin it, dye it, and weave it into wonderful products, such as the scarves I have designed and commissioned form them. And all done by traditional methods, including using a manual loom to weave. This is truly slow fashion.

Judging by the feedback so far, this is a successful venture and almost all of the first production are sold out. There are further projects underway. Hints are occasionally dropped. If you’d like to get in on it, let me know.

Fracap will be producing the boots we collaborated on shortly, any straggles please sign up soonest or forever be without the best boots you’ll find this year.

And if I don’t catch you before the Xmas bells get a ringing, have a truly merry and peaceful Yuletide.





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