Pukka patchwork workwear from Universal Works

If there was a scale of hipness when it comes to items made of multiple scraps of fabric, I’d like to think you might find some vintage Japanese boro at one end and your nans favourite quilted bedspread at the other (technically this would be absolute zero, or zero Kelvin, to be nerdy). Somewhere in between, probably at a pleasant 20 degrees Celcius, you’d find todays jacket. The patchwork indigo chambray is a canny mix of splendid fabrics, and make for a great summertime jacket.



The Bakers jacket has been a staple item from Universal Works since they started up business and as the story goes it got it’s name from David Keytes (the Universal Works main designer and good guy) dad being a baker. If you’re going to make a workwear style jacket, it makes a nice change for it to be something other than a “chore coat” (chore sounds so very joylessly Amish to me). The basic shape is a variation of the traditional workwear silhouette and being released in various fabrics, including Harris Tweed, it’s a design that just works very well.

2016-06-14 14.16.18

This time round though it’s in a patchwork indigo chambray. Putting it into my electronic fabric analyser I count a total of oh, at least four different variations of blue, in plain weave and herringbone. Give the path on patch on patch nature though, it look like there is even more.

2016-06-14 14.17.00

Functionally this is an unlined, lightweight jacket. The fabrics are more or less shirt weight. There are 4 front patch pockets (there had to be, right?) where one is an inception style pocket within a pocket. And theres a single pocket inside, suitably sized for a compact wallet. It would have been nice to be able to securely close that one, just to keep your valuables from going flying when you casually throw your jacket over your shoulder.

2016-06-14 14.16.41

Five brown buttons do up the front, providing a contrast to the patchwork. And naturally the signature UW extra buttonhole in a contrasting thread. And that’s really it. Lightweight, distinctive, well made and classically utilitarian style. And patchy all over. I like it.

2016-06-14 14.17.32


  • Classic workwear style
  • Lovely patchwork and arguably unique
  • Great value for money


  • Would have been even better with a nice lining
  • Made in India (though I’m sure UW have their ethics in order)




Available from Infinities Designer Menswear at 129 Pounds. 99 pounds, as I see it’s on sale right now. What a bargain!



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