Waistcoat Wednesday wicked wishlist

It’s been a while since I bought a new waistcoat, so rather than rehash a previous waistcoat review (after all, I did give you the massive 20-strong compilation quite recently), I thought I’d do a little virtual window shopping and show you some of the armless finery I would like to buy. Consider me your personal shopper or butler. Does that work for you?

1. The SEH Kelly bellows vest


First up, I have to mention (again) the SEH Kelly bellows vest. Really lovely, well made and innovative. Great bellows pockets, proper horn buttons, great fabric and a very distinctive cut. Gorgeous. And in incredibly short supply, so unless you’ve already ordered me the medium-sized one I asked you for, you’d best be quick! While you’re visiting the SEH Kelly website, make sure you read the Makers section for lots of wonderful info about the UK factories that make the SEH Kelly garments. If you find yourself in the Shoreditch area of London on a weekend, you may also like to visit the workshop.

2. Monitaly Wool Quilt Vest


From the same stable as Yukuten comes Monitaly, Japanese design by Yuki Matsuda, produced in the USA. Always a bit different, always constructed and designed to the most exacting standards. This vest appeals to me in much the same way that my linen madras Cabourn waistcoat does, it’s just quite outrageous and different. You know how sometimes you shop things with the idea that they will match? Well, go ahead, and then add this into the mix to go next level. The looks are only part of this though, with the wool shell and Thinsulate lining, this is also warm and snug. Yep, although Well Dressed Girlfriend may disagree, I would very much like a Monitaly Wool Quilt Vest

3. Sir Plus Cashmere Nehru jerkin

sirplus nehru

Waistcoat, vest or jerkin, all forms of armless attire, right? Sir Plus, long supplier of a wide range of wonderful waistcoats, have now introduced a jerkin-variant. Perhaps a style less gentleman and more workwear? I very much like the look of it, and the cashmere/wool mix fabric looks great. Nice detailing, with the Nehru-style collar and three front pockets. This design certainly brings something new to the mix! The Sir Plus Cashmere Nehru jerkin is a good ‘un. Decent value for money and made in Britain to boot.

4. Nigel Cabourn Cashmere Short Vest


From the innovation of Sir Plus to the traditional design of Nigel Cabourn, the Short Vest is a complimentary design to Cabourns popular Mallory waistcoat. Shorter, more waist-orientated, without lapels and with a contrasting silk back panel. Available in various colours, in Harris Tweed and cashmere wool, it’s sure to be a popular addition to the range. The design can only be described as traditional, with the 6 horn buttons, 4 welt pockets and a reach cinch. The Short Vest would make an excellent contrasting piece to complement a classic look.

5. Post Overalls Cruzer vest


So, to bring another left-field entry to the table here is an entry from the very American workwear company Post Overalls. Very much in the retro style, with authentic detailing and quality construction. Construction and details look spot on, and I very much like the look of the hardware on the rear cinch! The cotton twill should age nicely and improve the looks as time goes by. The Cruzer vest is fairly reasonably priced for what is quite an unusual piece.

So, waistcoat-fanciers, does anything take your fancy?

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  • cooke kenneth 29/02/2016 at 04:16

    I bought a Suede Waistcoat from Orvis yesterday, they are in the sale at present but not in the sale on-line you would need to contact a store. It is a very well appointed garment and the hide is butter soft. It also is suede all round, has lapels and two flapped pockets with one inside pocket. Sizing, being a USA company sizes can be generous so downsizing is recommended


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