Garmology podcast: It’s been emotional – The costumes of Guy Ritchie films with Christopher Laverty (S02/E15)

It has been said that if you don’t notice the clothes used in a film, the designer has done a good job. Sometimes though, the clothes, like the music, the sets and props, become more than just background. For me, the films of Guy Ritchie embody this, so to have a good chat about precisely this subject, I sat down with Christopher Laverty, author of “Fashion in film”, the Clothes on Film website and an utter anorak when it comes to what is being worn on the big screen.

Anniversary! This is the 50th episode of Garmology!

A few reference photos for the films mentioned have been added below. Christopher has also previously answered the Garmsman Dozen questions.

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One more thing It's been emotional - Vinnie Jones | Meme Generator


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