Garmology podcast: Sewing bees – With Liz Grylls and Matt Gage (S02/E14)

Arguably, one of the most compelling television shows in recent years is The Great British Sewing Bee, a fierce, yet friendly, competition between keen hobbyist sewers, with warmth, humour and great opportunities for learning. I can only imagine countless new sewers being inspired to thread their machine and start creating. My guests are Matt Gage and Liz Grylls from the 2020 season and we talk about getting started, applying for the Sewing Bee, what it was like on set, appreciating clothes you have made yourself, and the murderous nature of transforming the unexpected into marvels in only 90 minutes. Oh, and what are Patrick, Esme and Joe really like?

You can find Matt on the web at and on Instagram as @mattgagesewing and Liz on YouTube here, on Instagram as @x_sewingpunk_x and on LinkTree.

And remember, while you can listen to the episode right here on the webpage (all episodes on the Garmology page), for the best experience, the podcast is also available on all the usual podcast sites, like Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcasts etc., just search for Garmology. This is very handy for listening via your phone while walking the dog, driving, cooking, or whatever activity you do where you want to listen to people talk about stuff.


  • Joanna 10/04/2021 at 18:37

    Thank you for this. Great podcast 💗

    • nick 10/04/2021 at 18:41

      Thank you for your wonderful feedback! 😃


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