Editorial: Into the woods we go, wearing coats

Yes, I seem to be spending a lot of time in the woods of late. It’s a great place to be this time of year, even though it’s a bit nippy and most of the trees are stripped for winter. Suddenly you can see what’s around you, instead of being in a sea of green.



I like having that overview. Plus the light is brilliant. I’m not too enthused by the fact that Rupert keeps finding “snacks” of a dubious nature amidst the leaves. I really don’t know what he’s wolfing down with such enthusiasm. And most likely I’d prefer not to know. It might explain why his breath is malodorous at best though.



So, what’s been going down since I last provided a synopsis of ops at the mansion? Well, winter got started, and then it stopped, and then it’s pretty much been on and off daily since then. Makes it hellishly hard for my crack team of stylists to schedule all the quality outfits for you to see. Working well into the night they are, doing all they’re styling and combining. It’s not enough planning a single stunning combo, they need to do three. Just in case. The overtime is seriously straining budgets around here.



Ah, but of course, there’s just me. And like you I don’t actually schedule or plan anything, it comes down to a combination of the temperature, humidity and what sort of mood I’m in at 6 o’clock in the morning. In fact, considering that it’s practically the middle of the night it’s impressive I even wear trousers every day.



I have hugely enjoyed coats of late though. Ever noticed how you think you’ve come up with a new “thing”, only to find that it’s apparently what everyone else is into right now? For me it started when I found a herringbone cashmere Hugo Boss coat for a song. Lovely thing, if not really my style. You can sort of understand it though when you hear herringbone, cashmere and cheap in the same sentence.

Then I got the dark green Realm & Empire coat, found the vintage Norwegian made Norris tweed coat, and wouldn’t you believe it, I went ahead and got two Gloverall coats. I haven’t worn a jacket that went below my pockets since I was a hip young student in the late 80’s, and suddenly the coat rack is full of jackets with ambitions to reach my knees.



And as if that wasn’t enough, apparently coats are the hot thing this winter. Hot as in what all the fashionable things are wearing, and warming to the frozen corpus of the wearer naturally, but we know that people will endure inhuman cold in the name of fashion, so this time it’s actually a good thing. Plus a longer coat provides a little warmth to the thighs when cycling, something you may not have considered.



Shoes are always popular. You’ve no idea what a big deal it is looking at shoes on the Interwebz.

And we finally had our big wedding party, which gave me an opportunity to wear my Hansen suit again. While I don’t think the suit made the party, it certainly didn’t look out of place.



And here’s a final image to keep you going. And keep in mind, you can follow and comment on my Instagram feed quite easily. My username is @welldresseddad.




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