Simply sartorial Summer stuff

Summer time and the living is easy, or so the song goes. And sartorially so I think it really is. Easy, and perhaps a little less fun? If you’re a bit like me, where you like your thick tweed and heavy denim, some stout footwear and a good scarf, dressing to keep the chill out, then Summer poses a a few challenges in that there isn’t all that much of a challenge.



So far this year I seem to be managing fine with a handful of t-shirts (plain or patterned, never a logo or “amusing” slogan), a couple of short-sleeved shirts (my preference over the piquet style shirts), a couple of pairs of shorts, a couple of pairs of light trousers, a cotton overskirt and a jacket or two. Well within the scope of Project 333!



If you follow my Instagram (and you should, as I appreciate feeling deeply connected with you), you may have seen the following photos, if not, here they are. The summer so far, by me and my replicants.








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