A further week on Instagram

Welcome to another weekly summary of my posts to Instagram. This week has been mainly about doing as little as possible, with the main activity being aggressive and competitive games of croquet. My lawn is currently dried out, stubbly and uneven, so there is literally not a level playing field. Still, good fun.

Also this week, I tok my son for his first proper barber job, by way of Lord Jack Knife at Dapper in Oslo. A fine experience indeed. A new pair of Red Wing 877 boots from Skomaker Dagestad has been added to the footwear collection, and another fine waistcoat has found it’s way into the Lab of Armless Atture. The upcoming series of Waistcoat Wednesday is shaping up fine!

Tomorrow sees me testing the second pair of shaving creams for the Great Shaving Cream Investigation. Sorry I’ve not yet posted the results of the first round, this will be available shortly. I have now increased the original 4 products to a fuller range of 8, so expect more foamy, slippery details to come.

Oh, and I added more stuff to my for sale page, though a lot of it was immediately sold.

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