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A collection of Instagrammar

And before I know what has happened, it’s Friday again and time for the weekly collection of what I posted to my Instagram over the past week. To add some flavour this weeks adventures include cows, hedgehogs and ecologically grown vegetables. Just when you thought there couldn’t be more snaps of buttons, boots and fabrics, I up my game with more fun…

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A bicycle helmet for a stylish man?

Research shows that when it comes to riding bicycles, the following statements hold true for a large percentage of men: Men like cycling, and mostly fast Men don’t like to look silly Falling off your bike when going fast can really harm you Which sort of leads on to the fact that boys over the age of 8 tend not to wear…

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The week that was, Instagrammatically

Oh my, it’s back again, that weekly roundup of my wrongdoings on Instagram. Or rightdoings, judging my the number of regular like-clickers that honour me with their well-directed presses of the Like-button. In any case, another Autumnal week with the chilly mornings requiring full wool, jacket, hat and gloves, and the sunny afternoons requiring all the warm gear being backpacked…

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