A week in Instagram photos

Given my new found fame as a man to watch on Instagram, I thought I’d shamelessly cash and publish a weekly “best of” my photos. Those that follow me on Instagram will find nothing new here, but in the spirit of upcycling and recyling, for the rest of the planets population (minus some 2000 of you), please pleasure your visual senses with the following.

bjørnekrem samling

The weekend arrived with another variant of the Norwegian Bjørnekrem (bear creme) shoe polish. The completist and collector in me rejoiced, as this completed my collection of black, brown and netural flavours. This means that I’m ready to polish any colour of leather shoe!

buffing the boots

The week provided another shoe polishing opportunity, when I visited the main office of the engineering company I work for I found they had an automatic shoe-buffing machine in the lobby. Just the ticket for a pair of dusty and dull boots!

marske commando sole rocks

With a touch of Spring in the air, it’s time to phase in the brogues and start phasing out the boots. With the amount of gravel strewn on the roads it does highlight the slight issue commando soles have in picking up gravel. Luckily the office supply cabinet had a ready supply of tools for removing offending gravel. This time I was lucky to find one in a matching colour!

moon tweed matches spring

I’ve taken to notice how the weather and nature outside occasionally matches what I’m wearing, so expect to see more photos of me, nature and wool. A heck of a concept, right?

the nature hues of harris tweed

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