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Rain and shine, this weeks sunny pictotorial

This has truly been a week of ups and downs! It started well with my new specs arriving last Friday. The feedback on these has been pleasing, though this isn’t the only notable and interesting point about them. Yes, they fit fine and it’s wonderful to have fresh and unscratched lenses, but they are also the result of doing some…

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A week in Instagram photos

Given my new found fame as a man to watch on Instagram, I thought I’d shamelessly cash and publish a weekly “best of” my photos. Those that follow me on Instagram will find nothing new here, but in the spirit of upcycling and recyling, for the rest of the planets population (minus some 2000 of you), please pleasure your visual…

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Bear Creme, traditional Norwegian shoe polish

When visiting the Ætt pop-up shop in Bergen recently, I was made aware of part of their exhibition that dealt with the locally produced products. With the way the world is today, almost all of these were now dead in the water or with production outsourced to low cost countries. One shining exception is the locally made brand of shoe…

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