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Garmology S01 E17: Will secondhand outsell fast fashion? – With Lewis Hull of Marrkt

Already up to episode 17 of the Garmology podcast, quite the rollercoaster output! I’m working my way down a long list of great guests, both confirmed and potential. In today’s episode, I talk to Lewis Hull of online reseller Marrkt. We talk about the business of reselling secondhand, used, pre-loved, premium and pre-loved high-end menswear on consignment, whether fashion is…

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Garmology, a podcast about menswear and stuff

We live in strange and interesting times. Staying at home most of the time, having more time available for doing stuff, yadda yadda. Fear not, this isn’t another chunk pandemic prose, I’m as sated on it all as you are. What I really wanted to tell you about was my latest venture: The podcast! Yeah yeah yeah, I know, everyone…

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Podcasts, about menswear and interesting matters

The podcast is a strange phenomenon. While the world has moved on from pure radio, adding pictures and dimensions, the whole idea of podcasts is straight back to start. Only, you get to listen to what you want, when you want., clearly an advantage over most of today’s radio channels. From a production side, it’s also very easy to make…

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