Garmology S01 E17: Will secondhand outsell fast fashion? – With Lewis Hull of Marrkt

Already up to episode 17 of the Garmology podcast, quite the rollercoaster output! I’m working my way down a long list of great guests, both confirmed and potential. In today’s episode, I talk to Lewis Hull of online reseller Marrkt. We talk about the business of reselling secondhand, used, pre-loved, premium and pre-loved high-end menswear on consignment, whether fashion is an aspect in this segment, the current state of the denim industry and whether quality, authentic clothes will outsell fast fashion.

Lewis has been through a few phases before ending up where he is now. Years back an interest in Japanese denim culminated in starting the legendary SuperDenim business in York. Importing rare denim from Japan expanded into specialist garms from the likes of the Real McCoys, pivoting into the heritage styles of Nigel Cabourn and even the homegrown oddness of Tender. The opportunity of running clearance sales developed into the Marrkt concept, where brands could easily offload their excess stock before a keen audience of buyers. Not unlike emptying a bucket of chum into a pool of sharks, in fact.

Lately, the focus has been on the Marrkt concept, taking on consignment sales from private sellers. This has been so successful that the other areas of business have been closed down. So will reselling existing secondhand and vintage clothes usurp the fast fashion throne, as has been suggested by some media? Just what sort of clothes are being bought and sold, and are there fashions within heritage menswear? All will be revealed.

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