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We live in strange and interesting times. Staying at home most of the time, having more time available for doing stuff, yadda yadda. Fear not, this isn’t another chunk pandemic prose, I’m as sated on it all as you are. What I really wanted to tell you about was my latest venture: The podcast! Yeah yeah yeah, I know, everyone and his crazy dad are launching a podcast these days, almost as if CB-radios were a thing again and everyone wants to be heard. Still, if you don’t try, how will you know if it will fly?

Just a few words of background: Until a few weeks ago, I’d looked on the Instagram Live function as with suspicion. It was hardly used and seemed aimed squarely at those with an extreme need for attention. Now though, it’s used more and clearly also not only with a deficit of attention. Hence it was worth a shot. To fast forward to the conclusion, live chats were not only fun and interesting, but the feedback was positive. I made sure to make them available for posterity (and for those that missed them) on Instagram TV and my sporadic YouTube channel.

From storing live chats to creating a podcast was a pivot of a nominal angle though, hence the soundtracks to the chats are also available as Garmology (on Itunes and Skype, and as webcasts on the dedicated Garmology page here on the blog). A brave new world of stuff to work out and get stuck into, but also very inspiring in the new opportunities it offers topic and guest-wise.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be talking to a number of interesting guests, hearing their views on garments and clothing, life as a small brand, sustainability vs sales and the problem of influencers. We’re talking a podcast sort of within the realm of menswear, but with the same unique slant as you’re used to here on the blog.

In addition to the sporadic guests, I’ll be holding regular chats on an array of topics with Shaun and Dachi, or These_Rough_Notes and Rugged_Frills, as they are known on Instagram. Incidentally, both have also been featured in the Garmsman series! Shaun and Dachi.

If you have suggestions for guests or topics, I’d love to hear from you.

This is currently the most recent episode:

The rest can be found here, Itunes, Skype and on the links further up.

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