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Shock of the new – Adventures in Gore-tex!

Eh? What is this rubbish I hear you wail. Gore-tex? GORE…TEX? I visit this joint to read about artisan selvedge denim and tweed jackets, not dayglow jackets what train spotters wear. Indeed you do, but bear with me dear reader. I raise my hand and say I like a Cabourn Mallory coat as much as the next man and yes,…

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Some great jackets to see you through the Winter

To follow up on my style guides for the Autumn and Winter, I thought I’d give you a few ideas for warm jackets to keep you snug and stylish through the freezing temperatures we must endure this time of year. I’ve picked out 6 jackets of various styles and types, from the simple and elegant tweed jacket through to the…

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A label to watch: Norwegian Rain – for discerning adults

I first heard about Norwegian Rain a couple years ago. Well, that probably sounds a little odd, as I’ve spent most of my life experiencing Norwegian rain, having grown up in Norway. This was different though, this was a new brand of raincoats. Proper, decent raincoats with style and function. The two guys behind the brand, Alexander, ideas and marketing,…

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