A label to watch: Norwegian Rain – for discerning adults

I first heard about Norwegian Rain a couple years ago. Well, that probably sounds a little odd, as I’ve spent most of my life experiencing Norwegian rain, having grown up in Norway. This was different though, this was a new brand of raincoats. Proper, decent raincoats with style and function. The two guys behind the brand, Alexander, ideas and marketing, and T-Michael, bespoke tailor with a terrific eye for style, hail (no pun intended, we’re talking rain here, not it’s chiller brother) from Bergen, described by them as the wettest town in Europe. I can testify to it being extremely humid and rainy. I’m not saying it always rains, but carry a raincoat or umbrella, as if it isn’t at the moment, it will shortly.


2013 is looking to be the big year for the dynamic duo, hitting blogs and fashion sites all over. Lots of attention at Pitti etc. It’s very exciting to see fellow the local boys doing good. This also means that more and more shops are stocking their delightful jackets, which will no doubt reflect in more people being able to enjoy the dry pleasure of wearing one. Alexander and Michael are great at promoting their wares, being to guys with impeccable taste, and amusingly being picked up by photographers at Pitti for their personal style, unaware of who they were actually photographing:

norwegian rain pitti

So what did the guys come up with? Well, they had a vision of creating raincoats with a combination of sartorial style and technical function that was hitherto unmatched. T-Michael has the sense of style. They source the materials from Japan, mostly in the form of terrific looking technical, waterproof, wind proof materials, created from recycled base. Below is my personal favourite, the single breasted variant in a rather daring brown colour:


So, after taking a couple of years to really get their bearings, they seem to be hitting all the shows this year, winning prizes, getting attention from both style gurus and buyers. More models are being introduced, including new styles and ladies variants. From what I can tell the ladies are really liking what they see, and this is probably a huge market for Norwegian Rain.

Good to see the guys receiving the success they deserve!

Website: www.norwegianrainshop.com

Twitter: @norwegianrain

Facebook: www.facebook.com/NorwegianRain


Yes, this is in fact me, in London, 2012, with a bona-fide Banksy painting!


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