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Cheap Shoes For Life

It’s a universal truth, that shoes made in the UK are good, very good. They are well put together, sturdy, made with materials far superior to that of a mass produced shoe that you would find in a High Street “Fashion Emporium. They generally look better too, are more substantial, a better shape, and a better and more standardised fit.…

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Visiting the Grenson shoe factory

Northampton is home to most of what remains of the traditional British shoemaking industry. Evocative names still have their factories here, some in their original buildings, some in modern ones. Some have changed owners, some are still family owned. Some have existed since the 1800s, others a bit newer. What hasn’t changed though are the traditional ways of making quality…

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Jeansda boots, Goodyear welted ruggedness

Sometimes really good things can come from places where you might not suspect they would come from. Take rugged leather boots, your mind probably goes to American made workwear makers like Red Wing or Thorogood. Or take quality Goodyear welted shoes and you might naturally think traditional makers in Northampton. If your thoughts then take a turn towards more reasonably…

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