Book tip: Dads are the original hipsters

After enjoying popularity as a Tumblr site the book of Dads are the original hipsters is finally out. Was it worth the wait? Well, considering it’s all about how our fathers were putting the hip in hipster well before we were born, and that we’re nothing but johnny come latelys in this respect, it does a fine job of showing how nothing is new under the sun. Our dads were hipsters first and they’ve been killing it since back in the day.


We’re not talking a huge litterary piece of work here, or a very long and wordy book, but it covers a huge number of hipster aspects that our dads (and possibly their dads) were doing way before we were more than potential humans. Almost 140 pages, lots of gaudy colour photos of young dads living the life. Well worth the money, funny and hip to have lying around.

Here are a few example pages to show you what it’s all about:




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Note: If you buy this book using one of these links, I receive a small consideration from the vendor in question. This is really appreciated, as it will offset a little of the costs of keeping this blog running and will enable me to lots of retro hipster gear like my dad would have thrown out  when I was a kid.

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