Garmology podcast: The tale of Prickly Thistle – With Clare Campbell (#132)

This week I’m heading back to Scotland for a chat with Clare Campbell of Prickly Thistle, a self-proclaimed rebel mill outside Inverness. From a background as a chartered accountant, Clare took a u-turn, or maybe a swerve, when she discovered a passion for the traditional tartan and from there decided to establish a mill, using ancient looms, with no clue at all about how to use them. We get into what it means to run an ethical and transparent business, getting off social media, going zero waste, what B Corp status means and how being a rebel can mean doing this the opposite way of established business practices.

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  • Mary 09/11/2023 at 14:23

    I never get tired of listening to Clare. She’s so passionate about this wonderful project. Her thinking and transparence is unique. I love everything about it. I found out about the mill coincidentally and am now a proud owner of a Prickly Thistle garment. i am looking forward to her future ideas.

  • Nicole A 10/11/2023 at 15:39

    Great conversation! I’ve been a fan of Clare and Prickly Thistle since 2018. She has changed my entire perspective on how I consume clothing and that has trickled down into everything that I do. I was once a self-professed fashionista, purchasing clothing at an alarming rate and never considering the impact of my purchases, I was always taught to focus on the price and look for the cheapest, the deals. She opened my eyes and got me questioning and searching for the ethical companies. No more hauls for me and I rewear what I have and I find homes for things I no longer need (or I reuse it in crafting/sewing projects). I am also sharing this knowledge with others around me, starting with my children (building in the values for the next generation). I continue to follow Clare through her excellent email newsletter and website and I appreciate her exit from social media and what her company stands for. I can’t wait to listen to more of this podcast. Thanks for putting this kind of content out for all to enjoy and explore what’s possible.


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