Garmology podcast: Wonderfully warm legs – With Diane and James Welstead of Olaf McTarn (S05E15 #115)

My guests today are Diane and James Welstead, veterans of the garment industry and entrepreneurs of well-based leg comfort, the Olaf McTarn. We talk about how the garment business has changed over the past decades, offshoring production, how textiles have changed, the joy of actually crafting things, the relevance of stories in marketing and even take a moment to consider the case for synthetic fabrics. PS: This is probably the most ASMR episode so far!

You can find Olaf McTarn on the web at and on Instagram at @olafmctarn.

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  • Hector Vazquez 27/03/2023 at 20:18

    Fantastic show! Where am I find high-quality linen clothing? Any suggestions?


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