The return of the Instagram roundup

It must be months if not a year now since I last posted a roundup of my finest Instagram moments. Granted, it may be more, or less, or something in between, but let’s not split hairs and graces, so to speak. Too much coffee? Hardly. Instagram does remain a nice way to post something I feel should be shared, when I might not have the time, the topic or the motivation to spend a day on a full blog post. And in these times where much of life has to be shared on social media, it is important to show regular heartbeats in case my mother thinks I may be poorly. I tell a lie, my mother actually unfollowed me on Instagram a while back and has yet to reinstate me. That’s cold, mother, really cold. (She claims it was a mistake…).

I do want to mention that my most controversial post ever (probably) will be up tomorrow. It concerns the darling fabric of the day and it’s not one that starts with a “D” or a “T”. I bet that leaves you guessing, right? You may damn my feed as you lay tossing and turning throughout the night.

In any case, my favourite Instagrams from the past few months (and feel free to follow me if you like, predictably I’m WellDressedDad):

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