Garmology video: The TEN-C Snow Smock reviewed

TEN-C is a company started in 2010 by Paul Harvey and Alessandro Pungetti. Their background is from Stone Island and CP Company, but when they saw an opportunity to use a new variety of Japanese fabric, they started TEN-C. The OJJ fabric, for Original Japanese Jersey, is very different from the usual jacket fabrics. The plan was also to make a very limited number of jacket styles, with the option to combine with a variety of liners and hoods. In this video, I talk about the fabric, the construction and the options. And give my opinion on the end result!



  • David Boylan 22/03/2021 at 13:46

    Hi can you tell me the make of the Chambray Shirt your wearing in the Ten C smock video please ? looks great .

    • nick 22/03/2021 at 14:12

      It’s by The Rite Stuff. The owner, Bryan, was my guest on episode 14 of Garmology podcast. Worth a listen if you’re into the sort of Japanese-made heritage gear!

      • David Boylan 22/03/2021 at 15:00

        Cheers I’ll have a look .


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