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Garmology S01 E16: Raketa watches of Russia, with David Henderson-Stewart

Already up to episode 16 of the Garmology podcast, quite the rollercoaster output! I’m working my way down a long list of interesting guests, both confirmed and potential. This week I talk to David Henderson-Stewart of the Russian watch company Raketa. With a history of making timepieces going back 300 years, there is undoubtedly a magnificent history of craftsmanship to be…

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My daydream holiday destinations

The other day I found myself thinking about places I’d like to travel to. “Like” is not really a strong enough word, though. Maybe “urge” is more descriptive. Places or things I feel I have to experience, and soon, as some of them probably won’t be there forever. My destinations might not be what most consider proper “holiday” destinations though. My current top…

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Mantiques: The Ekranoplan, the forgotten future of air travel

The other day while reading the newspaper I noticed something about an airline company planning about 30 years ahead with regards to their investment in new aircraft. It made me stop to think whether there will even be air travel in 30 years time, what with the accelerating depletion of the natural resources necessary to fuel flight. Let’s face facts, it’s not…

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