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Garmology video: Fun with outerwear preview

Garmology is now launching “Fun with outerwear” as a companion to the Garmology podcast. A wide range of outerwear will be presented, reviewed and inspected, with opinions and historical facts. Subscribe now, and you might also like to check out the Garmology podcast and the WellDressedDad Instagram.  

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Garmology, a podcast about menswear and stuff

We live in strange and interesting times. Staying at home most of the time, having more time available for doing stuff, yadda yadda. Fear not, this isn’t another chunk pandemic prose, I’m as sated on it all as you are. What I really wanted to tell you about was my latest venture: The podcast! Yeah yeah yeah, I know, everyone…

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More ways to follow WellDressedDad – The social medias

I’m occasionally asked if there are more ways to engage with Well Dressed Dad, so I thought I’d post a quick guide of available social media to help you ponder which options best suit your lifestyle choices. Do you like instant gratification, the weekly update, more photos and witty captions, or be reminded of that which you have forgooten? Bookmark for future…

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