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Garmology podcast: Accessorize this – With Richard Tyler (S03 E01)

First out in season 3 of Garmology is Richard Tyler of Men’s Accessories company Tyler & Tyler. Tyler & Tyler comes from the stable of a British family-controlled business that has been manufacturing in Birmingham since 1908. They design and make all the extra shiny finishing touches such as cufflinks, tie clips, blazer buttons and lapel pins. They also offer…

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An unfashionable Kickstarter from Sweden

We’re pretty much all in agreement that fast fashion has to be taken out and put in the trashcan. The one for recycling, naturally. We all know that the current pattern of consumption is ludicrous and damaging to the environment and not sustainable at all, on any level. Producing clothes that are so cheap that you don’t even care if…

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When “eco fashion” means “con-oaf, he is”

It’s been a while now since I last posted a rant. You might be forgiven thinking that my more Meldrewesqe tendencies have been under control, my life has been utterly copacetic (such a great word, aren’t great words just the greatest?) and there was nothing around to make me shake my fist in annoyance. Yet, as I wander around, observing,…

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