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Details, details are important, and I meant to post more details of the anniversary giveaway yesterday. Sorry about my tardiness! Here is the update:

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Well Dressed Dad, I have been fortunate enough to enlist the support of some of the friends I have made through a year of blogging. Each has donated something to the celebratory give-away, and each something will be given away to one of my fortunate readers:

Urban Upcycle is giving away a beautiful tweed smartphone cover to one lucky reader. Will most smartphones.


Rivet & Hide, Londons premiere specialist shop for rare and special Denim, is giving away one of their rugged bridle leather belts, Made in Britain and available in several variants. I visited Danny at Rivet & Hide the summer of 2013 and reported about the visit here.

rivet and hide belt

Robert Owen, my undershirt provider of choice is offering two of my readers an 2 undershirt each, in a size from medium to extra large, either white or cream. I enjoyed and reviewed one of his undershirts a few months back, and I’m still enjoying it! Read about it here. Also, if you don’t win one and would like one, use the code “Welldressed10” to get a 10% discount in their webshop.


Shoehealer, who did such a marvellous job of resoling my lucky brogues is kindly giving away a 50 pounds gift certificate. They have around 2500 pairs of quality shoes in stock, so there should be little problem in spending this!

Universal Works has generously given one of their new SS14 pocket tees in a fine floral design. I visited the Universal Works shop in Lambs Conduit Street in 2013 and reported about the most satisfying experience here. I’ve since been back and had the same experience, so UW know how to run a shop!


SEH Kelly, makers of fine menswear is offering up a mystery prize for a lucky winner. Why? Because their fine products are made in so limited numbers that it’s hard to know come up with something that is available in a range of sizes. All I can say at this point is that is the winner is a medium, they can score what I consider to be one of the top three SEH Kelly classics. Time will show!

So, that’s the gifts. When will the winners be picked? I thought I’d leave it till Wednesday 1800 CET, nice and precise. Then I’ll assemble the list of participants, enlist the aid of a computational device to throw out random numbers, and announce the winners before midnight.

And, the rules as outlined in the first post still count. Follow the blog, post a photo on Instagram (and don’t forget to tag it #welldresseddad) or like the blog on Facebook. Or do all three for more chances.

If you’re not on Instagram or Facebook, and don’t fancy “following” the blog, there really isn’t much I can do for you, sorry!  I’ve tried to make it easy to participate, honest.


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  • David 26/02/2014 at 09:29

    Hi enjoying your blog , i think i have entered your generous giveaway but i’m not sure i have done it correctly my instagram is Cantina57

  • David 26/02/2014 at 09:31

    Sorry again it’s cantina57 told you i am useless at this .


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