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How to survive as a traditional local clothes shop

Todays’ local newspaper carried the sob stories of a handful of local shops that have folded due to the unfair competition from online shops, with bitter complaints about how the local brick and mortar shops are used to view and fondle items before ordering online. The underlying tone is that this is really awfully unfair and that we consumers need…

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Social media… I’m covered.

These days (and even starting with those words make me feel like an old man) it’s all about the social media, and all the various platforms that are more or less popular at the moment. It’s not enough to just write blog posts, they have to be announced on Facebook and Twitter as well. Plus Twitter is there to handle…

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Book tip: Dads are the original hipsters

After enjoying popularity as a Tumblr site the book of Dads are the original hipsters is finally out. Was it worth the wait? Well, considering it’s all about how our fathers were putting the hip in hipster well before we were born, and that we’re nothing but johnny come latelys in this respect, it does a fine job of showing…

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