Waistcoat Wednesday: Sand, more checked linen happiness

After weather this Spring than can only be described as variable it feels terrific to see nature finally getting into the blooming and blossoming scheme of things. And what better way to celebrate that than wearing a waistcoat celebrating these joyful hues of nature? Well, in the greater scheme of things there are probably many more cerebral ways of celebrating, but within the more limiting confines of which waistcoat to wear on a fine Wednesday in early June, I think I came up with an idea that wasn’t half bad. And revel in the fact that this is the 11th waistcoat to be presented!

So, what do we have here? The Danish brand Sand might not be too widely known outside of Scandinavia, but within Scandinavia it is generally regarded as a high-end brand, supplying well-to-do adults with fashionable garments since the 1980’s. I’ll admit, I’m not usually a huge fan of Sand, as my feeling is that they are a little mature and spendy for my taste, but on occasion I’ll find something nice. A bit like a Danish Gant USA maybe? Then again, Gant USA is Swedish/Swiss, even though they promote themselves like a New England lifestyle brand. It’s a strange old world. Anyhow, I digress. This fine waistcoat is a lucky find from the Salvation Army shop next to my office. A bargain item indeed, but a proper quality waistcoat, well-made and fine looking.



The material is a quality linen in a nice checked pattern. The multiple hues means it can work well with a variety of shirt colours, though I’d go with something with a mono-coloured one to ensure the combination doesn’t get too hectic. The lining is a silky viscose variant, quite slippery, so it helps the waistcoat lie well against the shirt underneath. The cut is nicely tailored, and distinctive in that there are no pockets at all. This one is all about style, with no eye to utility. Not that I normally fill the pockets of my waistcoat with things, but a pocket suitable for an iPhone makes good sense, as large phones tend to really disrupt the shape of trouser pockets. If you haven’t considered it, just take a look in the mirror one day.



Nice buttons on this one, both horn and engraved with the Sand logo. This is something I’ve been paying more attention to recently, and it does mean a lot. Something else that is important is the hardware used for the cinch. This doesn’t need to be of a complicated or over-engineered design, but if it is to have any value in tightening up the waistcoat, it does have to work. This one is actually of a pretty decent design and with the tailored front it allows the waistcoat to fit in a pleasing manner.




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