A label to watch: SirPlus – Fancy a portion of cabbage?

Following on from yesterdays impressions of Savile Row, I was inspired to mention a rather special, somewhat related, company I came across recently. SirPlus, a cunning pun relating to the source of their source of materials being “cabbage“, surplus or offcuts, from other tailors. What SirPlus do is collect the “cabbage” and refashion, or upcycle to use a trendy term,  it into other garments in their own style. I make no secret of the fact that I have a serious fetish for waistcoats (hey, it could have been a lot worse, right?), and I really like the style SirPlus do theirs in, plus the wide range of materials to chose from.

Also worth keeping in mind is that all their garments are actually produced in the United Kingdom. There is a bit of a groundswell now where a lot of companies are attempting to get on board this bandwagon, and I will attempt to highlight some of the companies that are genuinely doing this. It gives a nice feeling to buy something nice where you also know that the people involved have benefited from proper working conditions and a decent wage, something that is not always the case with many brands that produce in low-cost countries.

Below are examples of their work in tweed and cord variants. Pay special attention to the trim on the pockets, surely a signature design of theirs. To my mind, very stylish waistcoats, and a nice waistcoat does add a dash of style!


SirPlus do other garments than waistcoats though, like these boxers cleverly made of shirting material. Have you ever thought about hos little stylish underwear there is for men, while out buying delicates for your significant other? I’d say SirPlus is probably onto something here.


Their full range also includes jumpers, socks, caps and headwear, for both him and her. Ladies boxers in proper shirt material? Somehow that works for me 🙂

I was hoping to visit SirPlus on my last visit to London, though alas time did not permit it. They are definitely on the shortlist for my next visit though.

In the meanwhile, have a look at their website at Sirplus.co.uk

(All photos borrowed from their website)


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