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Magazine tips: Proper magazine

With issue 13 of Proper now available and dropping into mailboxes all over, I thought it might be a fine time to give the magazine a mention here on the blog. Proper is the love-child of it’s two editors, Neil and Mark, and very much the product of their shared experiences and interests. Definitely a work in progress, each issue…

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A label to watch: SirPlus – Fancy a portion of cabbage?

Following on from yesterdays impressions of Savile Row, I was inspired to mention a rather special, somewhat related, company I came across recently. SirPlus, a cunning pun relating to the source of their source of materials being “cabbage“, surplus or offcuts, from other tailors. What SirPlus do is collect the “cabbage” and refashion, or upcycle to use a trendy term, …

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