Update: The Dr Martens #solegate saga!

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A while back I posted about how I discovered that my classic Dr Martens shoes had developed split soles. Although four or five years since I had purchased them, they had seen little use and I was very surprised to find that the soles, while displaying marginal wear elsewhere, had split along the sides, opening the core to the elements.


Not being one to ignore such matters, I contacted Customer Service at Dr Martens and explained the situation. The Customer Service contact at Dr Martens was suitably sympathetic to my plight, but would initially offer no more than that the damaged was due to wear and tear. Naturally, given that there was little wear involved I couldn’t accept such tear. After consideration, they asked me to return my shoes for inspection.

A month went by without word, though when asked they said the shoes had been sent for repair. An acceptable outcome, and certainly better than continuing to use a pair of shoes that would no doubt degrade further rather rapidly.

Photo 20.02.15, 15.02.39

Imagine my surprise when I returned home to the lair today and found a box had been delivered from Dr Martens! Containing a brand spanking shiny new pair of the classic 1461 shoes, with yellow stitching, shiny uppers and perfectly moulded soles! An outcome I really had not expected, but very much appreciate.

In fact, I’m quite gobsmacked, as Dr Martens was under no obligation to supply me a new pair, and even repairing my shoes would have been outside of their commitments under consumer law. Given that they are a huge and rapidly expanding company these days, far from the family owned company of yore, I was expecting a treatment far less accommodating than how it turned out.

So, in all: Well done, Dr Martens, you stood behind your product and made good! Thank you for my new shoes, may the soles wear well and many gruelling walks be endured.

Photo 20.02.15, 15.01.49

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  • Richard D Trenholm (@rich_trenholm) 19/03/2015 at 19:49

    Exact same thing happened to me (the same split between the dark and light section of the sole) and I’d only owned mine eight months. When I contacted DM they asked me to email a picture, then agreed to repair them – and I too was chuffed to receive a brand new pair. Can’t fault the service

  • clyde 16/10/2016 at 22:12

    dad power …. 🙂

    • nick 16/10/2016 at 22:15

      Believe it 🙂

  • Lundchris 12/04/2017 at 17:56

    I was in a DM store asking about a repair/refurbishment because I have a pair of Made in England Steads and I was a bit disappointed they don’t do this at their Cobb’s lane factory. I was told Timpsons can do a DM resole, but it’s never quite the same as getting them on the original lasts.


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