The Garmsman Dozen #17: Pythagore from New York

Welcome to the 17th instalment of the “Garmsman Dozen” question and answer session. The response so far has been tremendous. Did you miss earlier ones? There are links at the end of the page.

This week we welcome to the Garmsman Dozen Pythagore from the US!

1. Who are you, where do you live and what interests you?

“My name is Pythagore Antoine, I am 34 years of age. I call Brooklyn New York home although I’m made in Haiti. I’ve been here since I was 6 years old and loving it.

My interests and hobbies are art, poetry, music (If you don’t already consider that art), business, I love playing and watching basketball, I love folks who are capable of separating themselves from the world in Style (not fashion) and (like I) living a good life.

My Instagram is Pythagore_hemingway_the_poet, come and check me out.”

2. How would you describe your style today, and what are your influences?

I’d say I’m Urban preppy meets classic,  any and everything meets I do what I feel when I feel it, all while being occasion ready (something I feel most men lack).

I’m heavily influenced by the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s era, those places in time just captivate me. I’m a huge music fan and most of the guys I like to listen to are from these eras. Like Jimmi Hendrix, Jimi to me was one of those guys that can wear anything and make it look great. Michael Jackson was another, Teddy Pendergrass Miles Davis, Fred Williamson for his cocky flair and confidence, Cary Grant, Frank Sinatra and Andre3000 (of Outkast) for living in as long as they understand you’re a manly man you can do as you feel with clothing… I mean the list goes on to many more but, these are some of the major ones to me, the ones I can call my influences.

3. How do you think others would describe your style and garments, do you get any reaction from friends and random strangers?

How some would describe me, haha… Well, I always got the “Weird” thing growing up… Most of the time that was most folk until some of the stuff I’ve worn and still wear became cool of the sudden… Now I’m just the “Very stylish cat” or “Handsome” or “well put together” (the last two from the ladies) and when strangers approach it’s usually awe (gets me every time), either that or they just honk their horns or give me a thumbs up. I’ve gotten it all actually, from an older lady giving me a big hug, to an older gentleman telling me how I made them feel young again because of the hats I choose etc… I love it all honestly… I just laugh at the folks who use to call me weird these days because I’m still shocked that I’m cool now.. (Oh and I think my friends admire in silence until they need help with an upcoming occasion) haha.

4. When looking for clothes, what factors play into your selections?

Those times when looking for clothes the main factor is the occasion… Am I hanging with friends or is it family, am I meeting with my colleagues or a woman I’m dating. So I’d say it all depends but, I do have my go-to brands that will never fail me, brands like a great Redwing Boot, a plaid shirt from RRL, trousers from Polo with suspender buttons, faded or slightly ripped Jeans from Nudies or Polo, Dress up shirts, suits and overcoat from Dreubeckemberg (Great brand) and just accessories I can tell a story with.

When it comes to picking out clothes price is never a huge thing to me honestly.. not saying I have it like that when it comes to money, I just believe one should spend on quality (if they can) once they understand it.

5. When putting together an outfit combination, do you spend a lot of time considering it?

Good question, I really don’t. I feel once you’ve chosen to buy quality things, dressing well becomes easy. The only time I can remember overthinking putting something together is when its time to do laundry (Haha) and that usually takes awhile.

6. Most garmsmen will have a few “grail items” in their collection. Not to out you, but if your house is burning, which garments do you grab?

Hmm (Haha) that’s a tough one… Let’s see, after I make sure my loved ones or anything with a heartbeat is safe, I’d probably grab my Shearling Vest… My full cashmere Chesterfield coat… A few of my favourite hats and my engineering boots… or everything haha!

This was tough.

Test w/Jeanl

7. Are you budget-conscious or spendthrift?

I am a “Pick up stuff” type of guy, this means I scope. When I like, I buy. Once in a while, I buy a few at a time. I like sales so it helps that I take my time.

8. Having a large collection of clothes can lead to changing outfit on a daily basis, but if you were going to wear a single outfit for the next two weeks, what would it be?

If I were it would be a bunch of solids put together, hopefully, it’s winter so I can hide behind a zipped jacket somedays.

9. What would you never wear?

I would never wear a kilt, an all pink outfit. That’s about it.
I’ve seen quite a few guys get away with kilts on and they’ve done it well. I’m just not game.
A good look no doubt.


10. What are your best tips for buying?

This tip comes from my late mother. she once told me to “Buy quality, not Fashion”,  backed by my late grandfather who said “Take care of it, make it last”.  So I live by those. I buy things that can and will compliment my style for as long as I live… Who knows maybe clothes will become a 3D program someday.

11. Do you have a dream garment you’d love to own?

Yes, RRL shearling Bomber from 5 seasons ago (Size Medium ?) and a full shearling Pea coat.

12. Does your interest in clothes influence other aspects of your life?

Yes, I am a particular guy so my choices are birthed by individualism… I believe we are all different, we all have something great to offer so… Our paths we must choose while understanding a pant is a pant… but how we wear it and what we do in them makes a difference. So all the things I do from taste in music to my style of poetry… All eclectic as my style is.

Thank you for choosing me for this interview.
Thank you, Pythagore!
You can find Pythagore’s Instagram at @pythagore_hemingway_the_poet

Image by Rog Walker

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