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Trouser Tuesday: Hector Powe, the genuine vintage deal

For the 10th instalment of this series of Trouser Tuesday trouser reviews, I thought I’d do something even more different than changing fabric and style. We’re going to go 70 years back in time and take a look at a pair of trousers that were made for my Grandfather by Hector Powe of London. Bespoke maybe, at least made to…

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Trouser Tuesday: Hansen Garments "Sverre", trousers with a singular seam

Today’s instalment of Trouser Tuesday takes us to Copenhagen, home of Hansen Garments. I’ll admit right now that Hansen make some of my very favourite trousers and I have several pairs in my trouser rotation already. There is always something subtly different about Hansen’s trousers, something that give them that little something, that makes them actually discussable. Today’s pair are a…

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