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Heroic menswear from the Shackleton Company

Shackleton Company – providing heroic menswear for today’s man Ernest Shackleton. Now that is a name indeed. You can sort of imagine a child with a name like that going one of two ways, either an antarctic explorer of heroic nature, or a Wallace (as in “… & Gromit“). In this case though we know Shackleton turned out the heroic…

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Get your turtle on: Classic knitwear from Realm & Empire

Some guys have a real thing about knitwear. A real thing, as in they will go on and on about all the “knits” they have and the “knits” they need. I’m not there at all. Give me a good sweater and I’ll wear it, a lot, but I don’t obsess about it. That’s not to imply I don’t appreciate a…

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The sweatshirt lowdown

One of the simplest, yet most iconic, of all garments is the white t-shirt. Ah, but I’ve already done a post on that, so let’s go to another piece that is right up with it: The sweatshirt. A casual, loose-fitting sweater, usually in a thick cotton. The origins are most likely in the realms of sportswear, or rather before and…

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