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Indigo and tweed- the week that was

This week has been mostly in the hue of indigo. We’ve had amazing weather with the sky being blue, and with  nature on the cusp of springing out in all it’s glory, the colours outside are totally complimentary to the denim and tweed I’ve been wearing. Summer is coming in too fast though and I really don’t feel I’ve been…

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Steel Feather, the ultimate Norse-Nipponese denim?

Norway is a relatively small country, and when it comes to the clothing industry the two main focus areas are heritage clothing and utilitarian basics for the army. Mostly though, almost all the production equipment has been packed down and shipped off to Eastern Europe, where people will work for less money, and see a future in the garment industry.…

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Shop visit: Rivet & Hide, rare denim for purists

Being of the age I am, denim has always been a part of my life, in some form or another. From the stonewashed jeans of the 80’s to the increasingly boringly styled and baggier jeans of middle-age, I’ve never been without a pair or two, even though other types of trousers have come and gone. And while I wouldn’t characterize…

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