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The Garmsman Dozen #20: Bryan from USA/Taiwan

Welcome to the anniversary 20th instalment of the “Garmsman Dozen” question and answer session.  Did you miss earlier ones? There are links at the end of the page. This week we extend a warm welcome to Garmsman Bryan Shettig (Aka The Rite Stuff) from the USA/Taiwan!   Bio: My name is Bryan Shettig, I’m 34 years old, my Instagram handles…

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Shop visit: T-Michael, quality and style from Bergen, Norway

Whilst visiting my parents in Bergen this Easter, I dropped in at one of the two shops worth visiting in town. Ok, so there may be a couple more, but only really two of international merit, as I see it. My number one stop was to see if Michael T. Nartey, or T-Michael as he is increasingly known internationally,  was…

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Magazine tips: Proper magazine

With issue 13 of Proper now available and dropping into mailboxes all over, I thought it might be a fine time to give the magazine a mention here on the blog. Proper is the love-child of it’s two editors, Neil and Mark, and very much the product of their shared experiences and interests. Definitely a work in progress, each issue…

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