Nigel Cabourn womens collection available

Ok, so this may be only tangentially interesting on a blog dealing with menswear, but as a fan of Nigel Cabourn I couldn’t help but be interested when the much hinted at collection for women is finally available. At least some of it is available. And very nice it is too. Full details on their website, but a few preview photos here for you. I’m not sure if Well Dressed Girlfriend would go for it, though she certainly likes the classic styles. I could certainly see it working well. The price is very much in line with Cabourns top of the range menswear though, so unless you’re working in finance or have a spare kidney, it’s likely not within the Xmas present budget. Sadly. The photos are terrific (and free) though!




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  • Scratch 11/12/2013 at 11:21

    That Ladies Cameraman – or should that be Camerawoman – jacket is quite a thing. Beautiful coat.

    Nice to see that the model’s wearing a pair of Red Wing loggers too – the supersole rides again…. even for women!


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