My favorite items: Engineered Garments Oslo pants

As an a new ongoing series, I thought I’d like to do a few posts of items in my “collection” that I have a special fondness for. First out, my Oslo pants by Engineered Garments. Now everyone with a little interest in the better quality of clothing has come across Engineered Garments. Started in 199 by designer Daiki Suzuki, a cult hero of the work wear fans inhabiting the clothing forums on the web. The brand is going from strength to strength within the higher end of the work wear scene, being a bit exclusive, quite expensive, and well… a little different. I like some of their items, and I adore others, like these trousers, and then they have stuff I just can’t fathom at all. Like all the floral jackets and shorts. Does not work for me at all!
The Oslo pants though, in their lovely wooly, checked design. Nicely baggy, great details, 6 pockets (4 on the front, 1 on the butt and one on the leg), elasticated at the ankles. Quirky, classic, quite rare, and different enough to be special.
For me the story of how these Oslo pants  came to be mine is extra fun and illustrates how the Web has shrunk the world. These are trousers designed by a Japanese gentleman, produced in New York, as a Japan-only product. I found mine on a Web forum, being sold by a gent in Australia, and I wear them to work in Oslo, Norway!
Being nice and wolly, they are just great for winter wear here in Norway. I can’t imagine what they’d be like to wear somewhere that is significantly warmer!
I find these trousers work very well with my Folk boots, complimentary in looks, and both are decently warm. The Folk boots have shockingly poor soles for use on snow and ice though. Just thought I’d mention that.
oslo pants and folk boots
Final words from Mr Suzuki:
“I try to choose good dynamic designs with patterns that can be modified for today’s use. Usually I re-work the fits as lightly as possible, being careful not to re-produce vintage designs—adding some things and taking some off, balancing it out to make it look new.”

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