Shop visit: Last of the Bergen shop roundup!

Having already presented T-Michael and Lot 333 in this guide to men’s shopping in Bergen, I thought I’d just quickly finish up with 2 or 3 shops that I think also merit mention. As the process of becoming a Well Dressed Dad / adult male progresses, I find my interest in the common high street shops and their selections has decreased to almost zero, so the hunt for the shops that actually hold any interest becomes a priority. I’ve been to Bergen a number of times in recent years, and while the city has all the Usual Suspects when it comes to the well known chain stores, it’s the smaller and more personal shops that capture my interest.

First up, Twisted:

twisted bergen

Initially quite an unassuming shop, at the “wrong” end of town, but once you get inside and start browsing, there is really quite a decent selection of brands, and a well selected stock of garments. The main focus appears to be Scandinavian brands, and in the affordable price range. While I do admit to desiring quite a few really expensive items, it doesn’t hurt to be a bit realistic about what may be affordable, and I do appreciate the more sensibly priced brands! For men, there were especially a few that captured my eye: Suit, a Danish mid-price brand that has been making good progress recently. I’ve been a touch sceptical about the quality, after buying some t-shirts that weren’t that well made, but judging by the shirts and jackets I studied here, both style and quality is now very decent. And fairly priced as well. Also Bølger, what I believe is a Norwegian company, working in around the same market as Suit, also making smart men’s clothing in the mid-price range. Again nice designs, some of which remind me a little of Hansen Garments (which are much more expensive). Also Johnny Love, another Norwegian company offering menswear with a twist at a fair price, perhaps a little flashier than the previously mentioned.

twisted1 twisted2

What I really appreciated at Twisted was the wide selection of stock. Rather than display just a few items from each brand, they actually have a wide selection. Oh, and WellDressedGirlfriend really liked their stock for ladies as well. Lots of good stuff and a similar selection to the mens.


Facebook: Twisted-Bergen

Second, Boogaloo in Skostredet (between T-Michael and Lot 333):


Boogaloo is a fun shop, something that is immediately apparent. While so many shops cultivate a hip, serious and aloof image, you can tell that the people behind Boogaloo are having fun. From the sign outside, to the display in window, to the girl running the shop, there is a light-hearted vibe to it. This definitely makes a pleasant change! If I was to hazard a guess, I’d say we’re talking a focus on 50’s and 60’s here, though there is plenty with a more timeless appeal as well. Being the WellDressedDad, I mainly have an eye for things I could wear, and I was both surprised and happy to see quite the eclectic mix of brands, including TukTuk and Brutus Trimfit! Especially the latter is a British classic you rarely see today (Proper Magazine would approve). Definitely a shop I’ll be looking at next time I’m in town.

Facebook: Boogaloo-Bergen

Twitter: @boogaloobergen

And finally, and only included here due to it being a sibling of a very good shop, Retro:

Retro Bergen is one of the four Retro shops in Norway, and this is not the best. In fact, it’s not really all that interesting. There are two more of them in Trondheim though, and while one of them is also quite dull, the other is at least a top-10 among menswear shops in Norway. I’ll make sure to write it up next time I’m in Trondheim, but in the meantime I really just wanted to mention it, in case you find yourself there (and don’t give up if you go to the dull one first, just ask them for the way to the good one, it’s quite close).


And having left it too late, I should probably have stopped by Tilsammans as well, as it’s likely one of the top 5 shops in Bergen and I’m guessing it’s the place that dresses many of the towns hipsters. Tilsammans carries brands such as Fred Perry and Ben Sherman, plus the usual flurry of similar brands. I feel a bit bad now about not finding the time for them, but I will visit them next time! Their website is at

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