Garmology video: The rare Barbour Barra jacket

Back in 2013, Barbour did a design collaboration with the Savile Row tailor Norton & Sons owned by Patrick Grant. The collaboration consisted of a limited range of jackets and knitwear, all in a very rugged and purposeful style. The outer fabric was thicker, in fact so sturdy that the lore says the factory had to invest in stronger machines to sew it and a special wax was used to proof the fabric, still with a unique smell 8 years later. In a world where collaborations are a dime a dozen, and mainly a way for marketing teams to leech clout off each other, this was a rare case where the two parties actually brought something to the table and the sum was greater than the individual.

The jacket I look at today was one of the jackets and I walk through the details of this very unusual Barbour Barra waxed jacket.


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