Mountain White, another interesting Kickstarter

I find the whole idea of crowdfunding to be utterly fascinating. While the Internet has given us so much, both good and awful, the overused term “disruptive” is seldom more appropriate than when it comes to websites like Kickstarter where you can see the support of the world at large to help fund your grand idea. True, not every idea is grand, and there are probably more plans that go unfunded than succeed, but if the plan is good it may get a flying start through crowdfunding. Look at HebTroCo (their first moleskin trousers from Hebden Bridge were sold as a Kickstarter project) or more recently Jernvirke (who funded their first collection of rugged linen clothes twice over) for examples. Today we take a look at a new Kickstarter, this time by Mountain White.

Mountain White is a small British company making outdoors and traditional clothing in traditional fabrics. Field shirts, smocks, jackets and so forth from Harris Tweed, waxed cotton, denim, heavy canvas and felted wool. I’m not sure how long they have been in business, but their website has some great looking garments and the prices are decent. Looking for further funding and to gain more sales, they’ve turned to Kickstarter.

With the caveat that I’ve not personally handled any of their garments, I will say that the from what I can tell of the images on the Kickstarter and their website (the website has better images and more detail), the garments look well designed, well made and well priced. The trifecta to hook the garmsmen, I reckon.

Their Kickstarter only includes a selection of their full collection, a cap, a backpack and three variations of the outershirt. To me the winner on the Kickstarter has to be the Harris Tweed overshirt, looks great and is lined. Harris Tweed is hard to beat, and with a lining, it makes it more versatile with regards to what you wear underneath. I’d prefer it without the logo though.

Find Mountain White here:

The Mountain White Kickstarter here and the Mountain White website here.


  • Lizzie 16/12/2018 at 11:40

    I just wish there were more of these wonderful small companies making women’s clothes – good quality basic shapes made from good quality fabrics. Apart from Old Town I haven’t come across any.

    • nick 16/12/2018 at 14:46

      This is something I hear a lot! I can’t imagine there aren’t small companies making great womens clothes, but they may be harder to find. The only two that come to mind are Toast (granted, a larger company, but a lot of their styles are more workwear. Ironically, Toast did some great menswear, but have now dropped that line) and Lane Fortyfive (a very small company but they do great unisex designs and would be worth a look).

  • Lizzie 16/12/2018 at 20:08

    I agree about Toast. Haven’t heard of the other company so off now to google them!

  • Mathew 20/12/2018 at 17:27

    Mountain white looks like a great brand. Always try to shop british when i can.


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