Finally, a magazine for gentleman’s culture – The Heritage Post

I distinctly recall an ongoing conversation I had with my erstwhile sidekick Scratch a few years ago regarding the availability of magazines for guys interested in stuff such as “wot we’re into, like”. Guy stuff, but not the typical stuff that most men are into, if you get my drift. Heck, if you’re reading this right now, you’ve found your way here and know the sort of things I’m into.


Yet we were struggling to come up with any magazine titles that really fit the bill. Really there were only two, the British The Chap (which we already read) and the German The Heritage Post (which was all in German, and while many guys like gazing at Japanese magazines, I feel that while a photo might be worth a thousand words (to be honest, in most cases I disagree with the thousand figure quoted, more like twenty) merely looking at pretty pictures does make me feel like I’m in kindergarten again).

Now though, we can all rejoice as The Heritage Post is available in an English language edition! The same varied and solid content as ever, but now with text that all of us that nicht spreche Deutche can enjoy fully as well. Brilliant!



So what does The Heritage Post bring to the magazine game? For starters it’s a pretty hefty magazine. Around 160 pages each issue, full format, glossy paper and all. This feels like quality and is the sort of magazine you collect on your shelf as reference material.



Topic-wise the content is diverse, though one way of summarising might be “rugged style”. Each issue has a theme of sorts, such as the steampunk theme in issue #17.  This was an opportunity to look at topics related to the steampunk phenomena, including clothes, art and inspirations. I adore the creativity and engineering of steampunk, so this was a great read. Of course, it was also totally on track with that rugged, retro thing we have going on. There is much to learn each issue and the writing is generally very good.


My favourite feature, and one that gets a nice chunk at the start of each magazine is “The Rugged Guys”, a section where a selection of gentlemen are profiled with a number of their favourite looks, garments and things. The best of these are truly inspiring and I find it fascinating to see how curated these guys as able to present themselves. It does make me wonder if it might be a lesson for many of us if asked to select only those top few garments and items that truly matter to us.



While the magazine isn’t beholden to advertising, there is some and it’s mainly, though not exclusively, for places that aren’t that widely known outside Germany. This means that for inquisitive souls, the adverts are almost as interesting as the editorial content. How often does that happen? It actually shows you a world of interesting shops you might otherwise now have come across.


The Heritage Post is not a cheap read. The price is now 9.50 euros for the English edition, which I think is a fair price considering the low level of advertising and the quality of the content. I do have more of a problem with the cost of shipping, as this is almost as expensive as the magazine itself. This sums are slightly better if you order a subscription, but I think the shipping rates are something that should be looked more closely at.

All in all, a highly recommended read!

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  • Scratch 28/07/2016 at 13:37

    That does look interesting indeed. Especially since there appears to be photo’s of lovely Paraboot’s in there. I have a magazine review myself coming through as it happens. Something that has caught my eye and I am really enjoying – will let you know when I’ve finished them!

  • Darryl 04/08/2016 at 18:29

    Wow just ordered three copies having read your article. Brilliant magazine, lovely and weighty. So pleased you featured it.

  • Peter Willis 17/08/2016 at 13:40

    Looks brilliant that Nick, am gonna have to get a copy!


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